+ Do I need extra time for set up and breakdown?

Any time needed for set up and breakdown of your event should be accounted for as part of your rental time. You will be given access to the space 5 minutes before your rental starts, to complete the check-in process, and our team will be back for checkout at the time your rental ends. 


+ Is clean up included in my rental?

The space must be cleaned up and returned to the condition of check in, at the time your rental ends. Alternatively, we offer a clean up add-on to your rental for a $245 fee. If you decide to purchase this, we'll take care of all the cleaning after your event and you do not need to add extra time for it to your rental.


+ Are there any restrictions for food and beverage?

You are encouraged to work with the caterer of your preference, keep in mind that our kitchenette facilities are limited. Warming devices are allowed but must be approved. No cooking is permitted in the space.

You are welcome to bring alcohol for private consumption during your event. Commercial serving of alcohol is not allowed.


+ Can I bring my own decorations?

Absolutely! You're welcome to decorate the space for your event as long as your decorations are freestanding. Decorations cannot be attached to the walls. Please note all decorations must remain within the space. 


+ Can I add extra time to my rental once I'm on site? 

Absolutely, as long as there is no booking after yours, it is possible to add time the day of. Please note that any time added after your event has started will be charged at $100 an hour. If you do decide to add time, please text or call us so we can confirm availability. 


+ Tableware add-on

As part of our rental options, we have a tableware add-on for a $95 flat fee. If you decide to purchase this add-on, we will grant you access to our tableware collection which includes dinnerware, glassware, silverware and servingware. All items will be available at the space during your rental.  You do not need to provide a list of the items you'll use. 


+ Noise level

Please note that Tendue is located in a shared building, our neighbors follow business hours (7:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday)  during this time, only office noise level is allowed. In the same manner, you must respect our neighbors, their property, and common areas within the building. 


+ Where do I park?

There is free, on-street parking available on Division Street, we recommend you read the signs carefully as parking restrictions are strictly enforced.

Paid, off-street parking is available at the back of the building on 11th Avenue, or across the building on Division Street. Make sure you display your receipt accordingly and pay at all hours as indicated, tickets are not uncommon.


+ Can I cancel or reschedule my rental date?

Cancellations and changes are welcome without penalty within 30 days of your scheduled event, please email us to confirm availability. We do not offer refunds for cancellations or changes requested less than 30 days prior to your scheduled event. 


Unanswered questions? Email us at hello@tendue.co