Gratitude drives Tendue. We feel extremely blessed for having the opportunity to experience so many beautiful and inspiring places. It's our vision for Tendue to be a space that evokes an appreciation for the moment, inspires creative thoughts and connects our community.

- Danielle & Jacob Firle


Danielle Firle

Danielle is the creative driver behind Tendue as well as her other event brand, Secret Supper. As both an event designer and an interior designer, she crafted Tendue to be a visually inspiring setting uniquely designed to optimize the event experience for mid-sized groups and photographers. Her design to blend Parisian-inspired textures and tones eloquently pairs with this historic warehouse to create this highly acclaimed setting. She regularly partners with groups to create custom public and private events along with using her advanced wine education to teach interactive workshops. When not at Tendue, you'll find her out exploring somewhere new or enjoying a glass of Champagne with friends. 


Jacob Firle

Jacob is the visionary behind Tendue. Through his diverse work experience he's recognized that inspiring environments enable creative thoughts no matter what the project is. He sees Tendue as a place that inspires great ideas and connections and works directly with groups to help enable these experiences and curates public workshops and events. When not at Tendue, you'll find him at his day job as a management consultant or out snowboarding, hiking or dreaming-up something new.